Prieto Construction - General Contractor - License # BC-22197 - Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii

    Providing Deltalok construction in the state of Hawaii. We "build it green" using Deltalok technology to implement your erosion control / retaining wall solution. Deltalok is a GREEN alternative to CMU, Rock or other masonry walls.

Deltalok engineering provides the required strength to meet your construction or landscaping project needs.

Read on below for detailed information on Deltalok.

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Deltalok ® is a Patented Ecological Engineering System providing an eco friendly, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing permanent solution.

Deltalok is a versatile civil engineering system suitable for earth wall application, soil retention and erosion control. Now available for distribution and application in the State of Hawaii.

Deltalok utilizes Deltalok GTX bags and interlocking Deltalok Units to create a strong structure capable of accepting various forms of plantings to create an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly vegetated face.

Deltalok is a Patented Method that leverages upon proven Mechanically Stabilized Earth and bag structure technologies to create strong and easy-to-install bag work structures.


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Usage Examples

  • Earth Retention / Erosion Control
  • Pond Lining / Streambank Protection
  • Planter beds / Garden / Landscaping
  • Culverts / Headwalls / Road Building / Repair

Deltalok Components

Geotextile Bags
- The ideal soil building block

  • Allows for permanent green walls of various vegetation.
  • Water seeps through wall face reducing hydrostatic pressure.
  • No footings required, base course installation easier.
  • Puncture resistant. Flexible during construction.
  • Light weight - reduces shipping and handling costs.

Standard Unit
- Sandbag connector.

  • Constructed of fiberglass reinforced nylon.
  • Creates strong, tall and steep soil walls.
  • Used to interconnect all types of Deltalok bags.
  • Reusable when used in temporary wall applications.
  • Light weight - reduces shipping and handling costs.

Engineered Unit
- Provides a dual function.

  • Interconnects bags & provides geogrid connection.
  • Constructed of fiberglass reinforced nylon.
  • Used in permanent, engineered, green retaining walls.
  • Used only at levels where geogrid is required.
  • Light weight - reduces shipping and handling costs.

Geogrid - Provides soil stabilization.

  • Wide variety of geogrids available.
  • Provides reinforcement of backfill soils.
  • Fundamental component for any engineered retaining wall.


Deltalok System Benefits

  • Easy to Install: Bags are layered and then tamped down simply by the installer walking over the bags in order to engage the mechanical advantage of Deltalok.
  • Easy to Transport: Deltalok GTX bags are light and portable and  may be filled with excavated soil or native material available at the site.
  • Requires No Footing: A reasonably level site is all that is required to construct a Deltalok structure.
  • Easily Vegetated: Bags may be filled with seeded medium or hydro-seeded after installation. Bags may be punctured to accept cuttings without rupturing. Accepts all vegetation types.
  • Erosion Control: Root structure of vegetation contributes to the strength of the system providing an added utility in erosion control.
  • Simple Earthworks System: Provides the strength of interlocking components without using concrete, rebar, wire mesh or other formwork.


System Applications

  • Infrastructure
    Retaining Walls
    Highway Walls
    Bridge Abutments
    Noise Barriers
    Levees / Dikes
  • Environmental / Erosion Control
    Vegetated Culvert Headwalls
    Streambank Protection
    Coastal Protection
    Irrigation Canals
    Slope Repairs
    Ditch Linings
  • Commercial & Residential
    Garden Walls
    Golf Courses (banks, teeboxes, bunkers)
  • Emergency
    Flood Protection Walls
    Wind / Storm Protection Walls


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>> View the Deltalok Project Gallery <<

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